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Mature Single Men in Bromley 60-70
Mature Single Men in Bromley 70+
Mature Single Men in Bromley 49 or below
Looking for a sharing, caring relationship.

I would describe myself as happy, caring, affectionate, honest and trustworthy. I like to socialise with both my family (very important to me) an...

Meet Annery

Are you wanting some romance in your life?

I am a laid back, passionate and incurable romantic with an outgoing and adventurous personality. I have a zest for life and, not wanting to become...

Meet chazarotti

I need a mature woman in my life
49 or below

Hi, my name is Chris I'm about 6ft have dark brown hair hazel / green eyes slim / medium build. I'm fairly athletic and love most sports.

Meet christaylor

I'm not that bad...

53 year old mixed race woman, curvy but slim, reasonably attractive, about 5'7" tall, with shoulder length, dark brown hair. Think I have a good se...

Meet Ellachen

Short and sweet!

I am a petite, well presented, independent, thoughtful female with a good sense of humour. I like socializing, theatre, eating out, the countryside...

Meet GinaBrown

Healthy, happy, hopeful.

Happy, positve in outlook, enjoys a good laugh although may be shy at first. Enjoys golf and travelling, eating out and in, reading and good conver...

Meet honeyq

Someone who wants to enjoy life more

After a difficult 14 months it's time to start enjoying life again. Happy to explain but no baggage. I have a good group of friends, enjoy musical ...

Meet lady25

Simply the best.

I am 5'8", and 53 years of age and have a 14 year old son.

Meet neoraider1

lady sings the blues

I am a happy independent lady.Love the great outdoors to walk & explore. Sociable, with an empathetic nature. Considered to be pretty & attractive.

Meet Rhapsodyinblue

retired and time's my own

Free from work at last! Having retired from my business, I now have time to call my own, but it would be nice to have someone to share that freedo...

Meet spain

The only way to know is to talk to me....

I'm a happy, sociable, loving & caring woman who has a few battle scars (metaphorically speaking! ) but is determined to win the war.... Don't worr...

Meet Stripey007

Tall gentleman

I am tall, slim, 61 years old and live on my own in the Bromley area of Kent. I am easygoing with a good sense of humour and with many interests. ...

Meet sudem

Wanted: Young Hearted Mature Man
49 or below

Lots of current contentment gained in family, countryside, reading, singing, good food and wine, open fires, and lovely friends, walks along the so...

Meet ziggy1

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